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5 Fastest growing new age Digital Companies in India

5 Fastest growing new age Digital Companies in India

 5 Fastest growing new age Digital Companies in India
5 Fastest growing new age Digital Companies in India

With the change and evolution of modern technologies, businesses are doing everything they can to keep up. Brick-and-mortar businesses are either changing their business models to an online one, or beefing up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace.

Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth. In the recent few years along with the already established giants of the industry like Sapient Nitro, Accenture Digital Services and IBM Digital Services, there have few emerging companies in India which have grown and excelled in in their field. Today I would like to name the 5 fastest growing New Age Digital Companies in India.

To The New Digital:

TO THE NEW Digital is a new-age, premium digital services company that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. Their agile framework strategy is ensuring that project is delivered with minimal time consumption and hence they have been growing faster as compared to their market competitors. Their passionate team includes a team of over 600 people which includes technology evangelists, digital analytics experts, content specialists and creative mavericks have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. To The New Digital has developed over 200 mission critical web applications, delivered over 2 billion impressions on digital media, executed over 1000 social media campaigns, helped over 50 global clients with our social media analytics services and have done more than 100 cloud implementations. With about 8 offices set up worldwide and with 30+ countries of clientele locations. They are also strategic partners to companies like Google, Amazon Web Services, YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB To The New Digital is truly one of the fattest growing New Age Digital Companies in India

Sapient Nitro: It is one of the fastest growing and a new breed of media agency. SapientNitro is redefining storytelling for an always-on world where brand experience flows through digital, retail, social, mobile and commerce as part of a single moment. Their end to end platform offerings ensure that they can plan everything from your big picture to your most minute detail. Sapient nitro is associated with British Airways.

Accenture Digital:

This is one of the largest ene to end providers of digital transformation capabilities. Their digital offerings support every phase of digital journey with end to end services that offer span strategy , business process. Accenture Strategy shapes their clients’ future, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. Accenture digital has provided working strategies to many companies from banking, communication and health and insurance services.

IBM Digitial Services:

IBM digital marketing solutions enable you to use data about customer behaviors, from a variety of sources, to inform and promote personalized customer interactions in near real-time. IBM is helping its clients in easily designing and executing cross-channel experiences that is making their customers ask for more. Vodafone and First Tennessee Bank are few of their leading customers.


Again one of the fastest emerging and award winning media agency. This company offers a wide range of social media services and deals with clients nationally and internationally. From executing innovative and path-breaking social media ideas to developing cutting edge applications on the Facebook platform and creating effective social media strategies for brands of all sizes from all sectors, AliveNow in a short period has emerged as one of India’s leading social media agencies. This is a Banglore based media agency and is associated with Honda, Hyundai, Mariott Hotels and Resorts.

In this article I have listed few of the fastest growing media companies and I hope the content of this article was helpful and will make you choose the correct and the right Digital Media Company to cater your needs.

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