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Gillette Fusion Razor – Review

Gillette Fusion Razor - Review
Gillette Fusion Razor – Review

When you need to put your best face forward, why not get the powerful shaving technology. After all it’s your Face and who does not love his own face and who wouldn’t want to take care of his face especially while shaving.

Well like most of the guys I have always been particular about having a clean shaven face, well we have to shave even if we don’t really feel like doing it because of our office rituals and probably parental pressure. Well shaving has always been a task but what if we get a razor which makes shaving an easy job.

Recently I tried the Gillette Fusion razor, well I usually prefer using the famous Mach 3 Razor but thought to give it a shot; as Gillette have been advertising about this product. So I thought of trying this product and sharing a review of this product with you guys.

So what has this got?

Gillette Fusion Razor - Review
Gillette Fusion Razor – Review
Gillette Fusion Razor - Review
Gillette Fusion Razor – Review

5 Blade Shaving Surface Technology: The Fusion Razor features 5 Blade Shaving Surface Technology. Yes this Razor has 5 blades placed closely to each other, closer even then a Mach 3 to give you closer, cleaner and smoother shave. This means no need to actually shave twice for a cleaner shave.

Precision Trimmer: The back has a truly innovative Precision Trimmer – a single blade built into the back of the cartridge. It allows you to easily trim sideburns, shave under your nose, or shape facial hair.

Ergonomic Handle: This Razor also has an improved forward pivot and ergonomically designed handle. The weight and balance of the handle have been designed to provide advanced shaving A shape that easily rolls through the fingers, allowing for an easy transition between the shaving surface and precision trimmer.

Microfins: The soft microfins gently pull the skin before the first blade and give you the closest and most comfortable shave

Lubrastrip: This Razor has a thin strip at the top which releases lubricants every time you slide the blade on your skin to give you a effortless shave.

Final Verdict: Overall I feel the technology and science that Gillette has put in the making of Fusion is really worth giving a try as you, though you might not feel a much of a difference if you are already using the Mach 3 during shaving but the Fusion definitely has the edge when it comes to design and the feel factor.

I believe till date Fusion is the most well deigned easy to use and the most advanced manual razor to be made and is definitely worth giving a shot.

This Razor is easily available at a retailer you and is also available on leading shopping websites on discount.

I hope this review was helpful guys. Please share your reviews and comments with me and do let me know what you feel of the new Gillette Fusion Razor.

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