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Hair Care Tips For Indian Men

Hair Care Tips For Indian Men

Hair Care Tips For Indian Men
Hair Care Tips For Indian Men

Hair plays a really essential role in our overall appearance and look. They are the outcast of how an individual’s personality is like. The nature and curiosity of a person can be exhibited by the style of his or her hair. It is fundamental that there should be a hair care regimen you should follow.

First, we need to know what our hair type and what shampoo will suit them best. Accordingly then we can choose a conditioner. Most of us think that doing a shampoo is enough but that is not the case, applying conditioner and massaging your scalp after shampoo is also equally very important.  Conditioner is to your hair what lotion is to your body just like lotion keeps your skin from looking dull and flakey, conditioner does the same thing for your hair. And as for you dudes who are going to tell me that conditioner makes your already-oil prone hair even oilier, I’ve got great news: You haven’t met the right conditioner yet, but it’s out there. We just need to find the correct one.

I’ll help you guys decide what conditioner to choose and then you can try it out accordingly.


Look for a regular moisturizing conditioner. This will keep your scalp in peak shape (i.e. cut down on that shoulder snowstorm otherwise known as dandruff) and your strands looking smooth and silky—all the better to run fingers through, my dear. Use about a quarter-sized dollop, and don’t rough your hair up too much while you’re applying it. Let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinse it on out.


Pick a product that says “thickening” on the label. Your strands could be so dry that they’re actually breaking, and those scales you see on shampoo commercials have actually sloughed off and left individual hairs thinner than they once were. The conditioner will help fill in the gaps and heal damaged hair, filling the broken stands in the meantime. If you guys swim in chlorine regularly, or sweat it out at the gym on a daily basis, the salt from your sweat will dry out your hair over time, so a thickening product might be your ideal pick.

Once you guys have decided on the shampoo and conditioner as per your hair type you can trying these routines for good looking and hygienic hair.

A) Wash your hair atleast 3 times a week: Washing your hair only with plain water daily is just not enough especially in the summer season when we sweat a lot and also the air is all dry or humid.

B) Use Cool or slightly warm water while washing your hair as the heat of the water will dry up your hair.

C) Our Hair is weak when its wet so ensure that instead of rough toweling your hair use a towel to dab your hair dry and get rid of the excess water.

D) While styling your hair if you like to use a gel or wax, apply the gel or wax which is alcohol free as alcohol content in it will dry up your hair.

E) Massage your scalp gently while washing them or while applying conditioner, as massage increases blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth. It can help you keep the hair you have and grow new hair as well. Use your fingers to rub your scalp in a circular motion, focusing on the areas where your hair is thinning.

F) Visit a hair salon regularly: Get a regular hair cut and don’t be scared to experiment with different looks and styles.

G) Oil your hair regularly: Few oils are believed to help further stimulate growth. Try massaging with coconut oil, tea tree oil, or almond oil before you shampoo, then wash out the oil.

H) Eat Healthy: Having a healthy and balanced is very important our body and also equally for our hair. Having food which are rich in Protein like , eggs, nuts, beans, and other sources of protein to keep your hair healthy. If you’re a vegetarian, you may want to start taking a B vitamin supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids.(Consult a doctor and before taking tablets as all may not suit you) Salmon, sardines, avocados, and walnuts have loads of this important nutrient.

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