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Let’s shave to save!

Let’s shave to save!

Let’s shave to save!
Let’s shave to save!

Men! What defines us? The over – priced lines of clothing in our wardrobes, or is it the amazing aftershave resting peacefully in the washroom. Maybe our beloved razor! Well, let me be honest, a bit of everything. Proper grooming, an attitude to die for and a lovely female by our side (okay that’s a bit too much), but yeah these things make us a MAN in the society. Surely nobody loves the furry animals with no grooming etiquettes! But what all does it call for! Aftershaves, lotions, moisturizers, shaving gels, razors, combs, deodorants, and the list won’t ever end. To be honest most of us use the products that shout out ‘for – ladies – only’. Oops, there goes the little secret! But yeah, bitter truth. With a lack of choice for men products we hardly have a say there. So, can we make up for it? Surely… With razors just for us!

As men, we need occasional if not regular shaves. And as that goes, we are always looking for shaving tools which are neither too expensive, nor too difficult to use (Yep! That’s where survival of the fittest kicks in) There are definitely a few major brands with a name in the arena but what I recently came across is letsshave.com. You might have heard of it somewhere too. It’s the one stop solution featuring exciting and new razors for men as well as women (Ah! Finally we have a place with grooming tools segregated for the two genders.) But that’s not why I decided to discuss this one with you. What encouraged me were the unique razor systems and techniques.

Let’s talk LetsShave!

Brand Name – Lets shave

What is LetsShave?

LetsShave is a dream to make shaving easier with Best Convenience I Best Quality I Best Value I Incredible Customer Support. It has introduced the world’s first 6-blade razor with trimmer, in India. There’s more to it guys – this offers a true single-stroke shaving solution. (Already wanting to have one?)

The cherry on the pie is the belief of the company in ‘Quality shave at the right price’. Along these lines, they have come up partnered with ‘Dorco’, a high quality blade and razor manufacturer, since 1955. Every individual has a different skin and is indeed in need of a different approach to shaving. LetsShave offers an option to select from 3 different blades – another unique aspect that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Get on – board with India’s first Shaving Club!

Product range – Razors and blades for men and women

Tag Line –

Transforming the shave from morning Act to rejuvenating Art!

Already excited for the journey to learning their products? Here we go!

Patented blade designs from Lets Shave

Let’s shave to save!

Pace 3

For many, shaving is a daily morning chore. If a clean-shaven look brings out the best in you, then look no further than our classic Pace 3 model. Our “Everyday Shaver” makes your shaving less of a chore. The 3-sharp blades with widely spaced gap and pivoting head automatically adjusts to the density of your hard hair and delivers an exceptionally perfect shave with every stroke for often or even daily use.

Let’s shave to save!

Pace 4

Built upon 4-ultra sharp expert blade technology, your Best Friend is our signature razor. If you have hard & thick hair, that extra blade will cut hair with ease and reduce the need to go over the same area twice. If you’re more a fan of the well-groomed stubble look or even light beard, start by exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, then opt for a clear shaving gel to allow visibility of the shape of your beard.

Let’s shave to save!
Pace 6 plusx 4

Pace 6 Plus

Ah! The more the merrier? Well, definitely with razors (Now don’t jump to a 100 blade though!). This blade consists of 6 sharp blades. Made probably because 6 blades weren’t enough to satisfy the shaving hunger of all men! Pace 6 plus is with an addition of a single perfectly positioned trimmer at the back. Well, you can now perfectly shape your side – locks too!

Well if you’d ask for a reason, studies have shown that a higher blade count is the key to a cleaner, smoother and less irritating shave. The closely spaced blades and wide guard bar helps to prep the hair.


What’s more to it?

Talking of Pace 3, Pace 4 and Pace 6 – The blades are equipped with a lubricating strip containing Olive Oil, Allantoin and Chamomile. Ask why? Benefits brothers!

Olive oil – moisturizes sensitive skin. Could a razor get any better that one that moisturizes too?

Allantoin – it is known for keeping the skin smooth and healthy (again, you can’t ask for more!). Also, it has anti – oxidants which are known to have anti – ageing benefits (Admit it or not, we met too love young skin).

Chamomile – it has antiseptic and anti – inflammatory ability for refreshing the skin.

Moving ahead to Pace 6 Plus – It probably demanded difference so, has been equipped with a lubricating strip consisting of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and lavender extracts.

Vitamin E – It has skin rejuvenation and anti – oxidant properties with the anti – ageing benefits.

Aloe Vera – Known to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin

Lavender Extracts – Lavender has various skin benefits and also an overall calming effect.

And because we were talking of more… Here’s the best about these blades. The blades used have a Patented Angulated Blade Platform. What that simply indicates, is a longer blade life and fewer obstacles! The common Docking System has an ergonomic design which is patented. This allows the buyer to choose any blades out of the available 4 according to their skin type. This also means that if a particular blade does not suit you, you can easily switch in future; but retain the older docking system.

What you’ll have to pay?

Okay, there’s the most important question. Honestly, these razors are all decently priced if we were to compare with similar technology from other brands. Here goes the price list from www.letsshave.com.

Pace 3 Everyday shaver: Rs 289  for a set of 4 cartridges

Pace 4 Your Best friend: Rs 389 for a set of 4 cartridges

Pace 6 plus Perfectionist Plus: Rs 559 for a set of 4 cartridges


Now here’s a deal you must grab. As of now, the website is offering the Razor handle absolutely free of cost! All you need to do is visit the official website which is www.letsshave.com, select the bladesyou desire to have, place your order and relax for it to be delivered at your doorstep. Simple as that! So you have a good bargain here guys. You get a home delivery. And if you’re a beginner, then my suggestion would be the Mix and Match Value Pack which has 3 different blades. You can try and decide what suits you best. Also, in future, all you’ll have to do is order the blade as you’ll have the razor already, so you also get 10% OFF on blades. Absolutely no middlemen and hence, the best price! Also, the confidence in their products is evident in the 100%* money back promise, which sounds more like – YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!

Surely razors won’t ever get easier. Also, do let me know how you find the razor and the new Docking System. Comment below!

So, let’s shave, because our ladies won’t appreciate kissing a hairy animal!

Let’s shave to save!
Let’s shave to save!


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