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Nivea Men Oil Control All in 1 Face Wash – Review

Nivea Men Oil Control All in 1 Face Wash - Review
Nivea Men Oil Control All in 1 Face Wash – Review

Nivea Men Oil Control All in 1 Face Wash – Review

In this harsh summer, we all need to wash our faces quite often in a day to keep our face clean and hydrated. Washing our face with just water nowadays is not enough.

In the city that I live in the climate is very humid and warm, you constantly sweat and even after washing your face with water you would find your face to be quiet oily. Yes, even if you are indoors inside your house or at work station which has an AC. My skin being oily I face this issue more as compared to my friends and family. For quite a few years I have been in search of face wash which would keep this oil off my face during the day.

Recently I came across a new face wash for men launched by Nivea called Nivea Men Oil Control All in 1 Face Wash. Well to be very true I dint really believe that a face wash could get rid of oil on my skin and keep it that way even after 5-6 hours after using it. But nevertheless I decided that I would give it a try and let you guys know if this really helps.

Packaging: I decided to use the The NIVEA MEN ALL-IN-1 pump which let me tell you guys this is the first face wash for men which comes with a easy to use and handle pump. This pump pack is more convenient than traditional tubes; its re-closable feature also means it can be used on the go and does not really create a mess in ur wash basin while you try to use it.

New NIVEA MEN All-in-1 pump pack is available in 2 pack sizes:

  1. NIVEA MEN All-in-1 pump pack 65ml for Rs.129/-
  2. NIVEA MEN All-in-1 pump pack 150ml for Rs.245/-

Nivea Men Oil Control All in 1 Face Wash – Review:

On the first day I used it while having bath instead of applying bathing soap on my face.You first get a cooling menthol like sensation and a little pricky feeling; similar to the one that you get after you apply a after shave after shaving your beard from your face. Nivea recommends to use the face wash daily at least twice to start seeing the result. I used it later in the night as well after returning from work. On the first day I really dint feel much of difference on my skin but I decided to use at-least 10 days before taking any decision. Today it’s been just over 2 weeks and I have started seeing the difference from the 4th day itself. Guys I am really being very honest with you that I have started seeing very less oil on my face and it does not get sticky as it used to be. After a very long time I have actually come across a Men’s face wash that is really so effective.

The Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash removes excess oil and dirt deep in pores. This face wash claims to reduce blackheads and prevent the acne causing bacteria on your face.

I have been using it for just above 2 weeks now and I think I will continue using this face wash at least for some time now as I am happy with the results.

I recommend you guys with oily skin to give a try to this face wash and continue using it at least for a couple of weeks to actually seeing result on your skin. Do share your experience and let me know how this face wash work with you guys.

Stay smart and handsome guys.

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  1. I just brought this product and the pump doesnt even work…I didnt think nivea sold this kind of defective products…..

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