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Pepper Tap – Grocery Shopping App Review

Pepper Tap – Grocery Shopping App Review

Pepper Tap - Grocery Shopping App Review
Pepper Tap – Grocery Shopping App Review

Being a guy, there are times where you have to accompany your mother or wife while picking up the groceries from the local market or the nearest store. Some of us even have to this tedious job alone

I can relate to this as I have to either go with my mom or with my wife to do the shopping. There are times when you are given a list of groceries and you forget to get few, well the solution to this problem is you have to go all the way out to the market again. This becomes really difficult to do especially on your only day off or after coming back from work.

We visit Pune about twice a month especially on weekends as we have a second home there. That’s when I came across an advertisement in the newspaper about PepperTap App. An app from where you could order groceries and get it delivered at your door step. I decided to try it immediately! This App is available on App store and Google Play store.

PepperTap is an on demand grocery App that has your grocery requirements delivered to you to your doorstep. While browsing through the App I found that it has a list of almost all the vegetables and fruits currently available in market. The developers of this app have very smartly divided all the grocery items into separate categories. This makes it very simple while browsing through the categories.

Pepper Tap - Grocery Shopping App Review
Pepper Tap – Grocery Shopping App Review
Pepper Tap - Grocery Shopping App Review
Pepper Tap – Grocery Shopping App Review

It contains the following categories:
1) Fruits and Vegetables
2) Food and Drink
3) Breakfast and Dairy
4) Staples and Spices
5) Bath and Body
6) Home Hygiene
7) Baby Needs
8) Popular ( Most Sold Products)

They have also put the Popular categories so that it becomes very easy to select and not forget things.

All you have to do is select the requirements and proceed ahead. Once you have selected the requirements you will be very happy to hear that if your order crosses Rs 250 then there is no delivery charge and just in case if it is less than Rs 250 there is a delivery charge applicable of Rs.50 which is I think is fair enough.

Another noticeable thing is that you can actually select the delivery time slot according to your convenience or else the delivery can happen within 2 hrs of you placing the order. You get the convenience of selecting the payment mode as well like COD or online payment. Since it was my first attempt to order i opted for COD just to be on the safer side. This App is giving you 20% off on your first order as well (Max disc is Rs200) which made feel even more happy.

The delivery of the groceries happened within the time slot that I selected and I was very happy with the quality of the groceries delivered including the vegetables and fruits as they seemed quite fresh and I was very much satisfies and happy with them. I must say that it’s an App that I would suggest to give a try. Currently the services are available in selected areas of few cities like Thane, Pune, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Mohali, Panchuka.

Along with guys this App is also a bliss for women in our family especially working women who really don’t get the time to do grocery shopping regularly.

Do check this App out and give it a try. This App is available for free on Google Play Store or you can also visit the website http://shop.peppertap.com/welcome.

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