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Pond’s Men Pollution Out Face wash

Pond's Men Pollution Out Facewash


We have always heard and experienced that a cup of coffee will energize you and keep you fresh. We guys love having coffee especially in the mornings, sometimes post lunch to get rid of sleep while working and also most importantly during our evening dates. Coffee today has become an integral part of our daily lives. And so has pollution become a big concern of our life. Well thinking of this Pond’s has come with a unique idea of including coffee bean extract in its new face wash “Ponds’s Men Pollution Out”

I was glad to hear about the launch as I already knew the benefits of coffee beans on our skin and body. I was waiting eagerly waiting for my existing face wash to get over so I could try the new one.

This new Pond’s deep clean face wash is powered additionally by Activated Carbon and Coffee Bean Icy Scrub. The product color is combination of silver and black which definitely shows the content of its colors. The brightening foam removes the dirt layer from your face and activated carbon acts like a magnet to remove the dirt from our skin. As soon as you apply the face wash on your face you start the feeling the cooling menthol and the coffee bean extract along with the scrub beads start exfoliating the dead skin cells. You might not feel the difference immediately on your after the first or second use but you start seeing the difference after about a week or so. I noticed my skin to be a lot fresher and cleaner after about 7- 8 days of regular use of face wash.

This face wash is designed especially for men with active outdoor lifestyle and is a must try for you guys.
I must say that Pond’s as a brand has done really well with coming up with such a unique and a effective face wash for men.
Do let me know guys about review of the Pond’s Men Pollution Out” in the comments section below.
This product is currently available with all leading outlets, retailers and e-tailers.

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  1. I have to go outside in pollution everyday. I need a face wash which works in all ways to keep my skin pollution free, open up pores, clean black heads and also decrease my acne problem. I have a combination of oily, sensitive skin.Just want to know which is better – POND’S men pollution face wash Or NIVEA men all in one face wash ?

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