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Tips To Buy A New Car In India

Tips To Buy A New Car In India

Tips To Buy A New Car
Tips To Buy A New Car

Buying a brand new car is always like a dream come true for all us.  Many of us would have been waiting for this time since a long time. For those who already have a car it is definitely then an upgrade from hatchback to a Sedan or MUV or SUV depending on your likes or requirements.

There are few tips that I would like to share with you people which would prove useful for you while buying a new car.


Very importantly set a budget target for yourself by doing this you would solve about 50% of your confusion on which type of car to purchase hatchback/Sedan/MUV/SUV.

A decent hatchback would cost you anywhere in between 3.5 lakhs to 6.5 lakhs while a decent sedan would cost you anywhere from 5- 7.5 lakh while a MUV would cost you anywhere between 8-12 lakhs and a good SUV would cost you about 11-15 lakhs depending on the manufactures and the variants available. With the overseas giants coming into Indian markets noticing the huge potential in Indian market you will definitely get about 4-5 brands competing in the same segment.

There are websites available on the internet which will give you an idea of the approximate showroom price and on road price of new cars.

The Big Question Petrol or Diesel?

This state of mind of whether to buy a Petrol car or a Diesel car is the most confusing part of your journey in buying a new car. This confusion gets worse if you are a first time car buyer because especially when there is not much difference in petrol and diesel price in India.

Diesel cars are about 85k to 1.5 lakh more expensive as compared to their petrol counterparts. But if your car is going to run more than 60 km daily you will cover the up the extra bucks spent in just 2 or 3 years max. With the new technology of turbochargers in most diesel engines now you will see a huge difference in engine performance. A diesel car now gives you about 4-5 km extra mileage as compared to its petrol counterpart. But this all will profit only if your car is running these many kms daily as maintainence cost of diesel engines is also slightly higher to petrol engines.

Petrol engines are   fuel efficient, clean and powerful engines. Even if Petrol is slightly more expensive then diesel if you are car is only hit the road occasionally then it is always better to take a petrol car as they are low on maintenance and also engine does not necessarily require daily or frequent use.

With the inclusion of LPG and CNG kits in car by the car manufactures now they are definitely the most cheap and clean source of fuel used now in cars. Though there are some disadvantages to it as well as having a CNG/LPG kit in a car will use most of your boot space in the car. Also you can use this fuel type only as secondary source of fuel because of the limited number of pumps available and also the long queues to wait for your turn. Though many new pumps have come up now in the city the wait time for refuelling the car is still high as compared to normal petrol and diesel.

Finding the Right Car

Now that if you have decided your Budget and Petrol or Diesel car it’s time for you to find a car for yourself.

Always keep in mind your requirements before getting a car. Don not push your budget way beyond your limit. There is no use buying a big SUV or a MUV if you have small family of 2 or 3 and a parking place for a hatchback. Also no use taking a small car if you a have big family of 6+ you will end up renting a cab or another car to go out for a vacation or family trips. So think very carefully and then decide on this.

Make sure that you take test drive of the car before you buy a car because nothing beats taking a feel of the car yourself instead of taking advises from a mechanic friend or a relative. The car may be good for them but not necessarily good for you. So make sure you test drive your car. Take it on a longer test drive if possible in a place where there slopes, turns straight road and little bit of slopes so you can test the engine performance and its feel.

 Finding The Right Dealer

Always make sure the car you buy is an authorised dealer of the car manufacturer. Now h could be single manufacturer dealer or a multi manufacturer car dealer.

The advantage that you have in buying a car from single brand dealer is that he would have a brand new car for you to test drive along with a well-equipped and company certified service centre.

Because of this service centre the showroom dealer would be able to offer you an extended warranty on your car which is also very important. Normally the car would have 1-2 years of manufacturer’s warranty however just at the price of few thousand bucks you would have peace of mind of the most expensive parts of your car like the engine, electronics AC and suspension for another 3 years. So you would have complete peace of mind for 5 years.

 Bargain for best deals and offers

Yes you can bargain for best deals and offers at a car showroom as well. Not the on-road price but most dealers would offer you free accessories that dare not fitted with along with the car by the manufacturer. But don’t fall for overpriced accessories do a good market search before going to the showroom. One more tip that I would suggest you guys is if possible try and visit the dealer towards the end of the month as the dealer has to finish his monthly or yearly targets and you are bound to get more offers as compared to festive seasons when people will normally take a car even without anything more offered by the dealer.

Finance options

Almost all the dealers would have an executive who will handle all bank and finance related work with you and will help with your documentations so you really don’t have to take the trouble of visiting banks and approaching for loans. If you have the right documents the dealer will set the finance options for you so you can just focus on buying a car.

Pre-delivery checks

Many of really don’t know that we can actually select our own car before registration.

The cars that the dealers have are generally kept in in their stockyard so normally the dealer chooses a car by his choice and sent it for registration but if you really are very keen to select the car you can ask the dealer to make you select your car before he sends it for registration.

Things to look out for while taking the delivery of your new car

This is the day you will be the most excited as you would getting the delivery of your car, many of us would have had many sleepless nights waiting for this day.(well I had them)

In this excitement you have to make sure you along with the car take all the registration documents, original receipts of all taxes paid, insurance letter and permanent registration number given to your car the first PUC is generally done by the dealer and given to you. Also make sure before you drive off with your vehicle there is adequate fuel in the   car as the dealer will provide fuel to you only that will take you to the nearest petrol pump.

I hope this information was helpful to all you new buyers out there and ALL THE VERY BEST!

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